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    1. #50SP1-SL1 Solid Lubricated Brass Bearing The #50SP1-SL1 solid lubricated brass bearing is basically made from high-strength brass with HB>210 by adoption of first-class casting technology. Wear-resistant surface of the oil-free bearing is inset with ordinary solid lubricant, and a certain proportion of holes are drilled according to working conditions.
    1. #50SP1-SL4 Water Lubricated Brass BearingSL-4 lubricant is mainly composed of PTFE, thus featuring superb water lubrication and extremely low coefficient of friction. Operating temperature of SL-4 is less than 300 degrees Celsius.
    1. #50HP Solid Lubricated Copper BearingIn view of mechanical strength and hardness, this product is superior to both #50SP1 and #50SP5. With ultra high carrying capacity, it is suitable for those with low speed, high precision, and no impact.
    1. #50AB-SL1 Solid Lubricated Aluminum Bronze BearingThe #50AB-SL1 solid lubricated aluminum bronze bearing is basically made from copper alloy with HB>150. It is a kind of oil-less bearing, and drilled holes are well distributed on its working surface. The bearing with solid lubricant gives extremely strong resistance to heat and corrosion.
    1. #50AB-SL4 Water Lubricated Aluminum Bronze Bearing The water lubricated aluminum bronze bearing can be used at extremely low temperature. It is especially applicable to seawater and river environments such as the ships, valves, water turbines, water treatment, and the environmental engineering, etc.
    1. #50B Solid Lubricated Bronze BearingThe high-strength bearing is suitable for medium-duty and moderate-speed operations. It can be used at high temperature with strong corrosion resistance. Our customers can select either #50AB or #50B based on practical use.
    1. #50L Solid Lubricated Guide RailThe copper alloy guide track is widely applied in high-load, intermittent or oscillating motion, e.g., the auto stamping moulds, injection moulds, and the general machinery, etc. Various types of copper alloy can be provided in accordance with working conditions.
    1. #50WP Solid Lubricated Bronze Overrun CamsAs a kind of cam dwell wear plate, this product can be used under self lubrication condition without any refueling device. The sliding plate with solid lubricant can not only shorten assembly time, but also reduce oil pollution and beautify the environment.
    1. #50S Self-lubricating Spherical BearingOur globe bearing generally has a copper exterior and a stainless steel interior. It can be designed with different materials in accordance with the requirements of our customers.
    1. #50W Thrust WashersThis product allows solid lubricant to rub against axle through frictional heat when in use. It gives outstanding lubrication performance when oil and powder coexist. The thrust washers can not only protect axle from abrasion, but also make the characteristic of solid lubricant permanent.

Self-Lubricating Bearings

The self-lubricating bearings are based on high-strength copper alloy where a certain proportion of solid lubricants are regularly arranged in accordance with working conditions. This kind of copper-based bearing combines the high abrasion resistance and high carrying capacity of copper alloy with the self-lubricating property of solid lubricants. This will result in significant reduction of maintenance cost of equipment.

1. The self-lubricating bearings can be used for a long time without maintenance.
2. It is designed for use under ultra high static load and dynamic load.
3. This product features extremely low and stable coefficient of friction. The phenomenon of adhesion never occurs.
4. Strong resistance to dust, corrosion, impact, and edge load
5. Metal substrate has superb shock-absorbing capacity.
6. This kind of solid bearing can be used within a very wide temperature range.
7. It is suitable for those with hardly formable oil films and various frequent starts such as reciprocation, rotation, swing, etc.
8. Extremely low wear rate and long service life

The self-lubricating bearings are applicable to the injection molding machines, automotive moulds, engineering machinery, hydraulic cylinders, large gearbox, metallurgical continuous casting machines, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, crane support, food machinery, and the water turbines, etc.

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