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    1. DNB-#200B Oilless Self-lubricating BushesThe DNB-#200B oilless self-lubricating bushes combine high mechanical property of superior-quality carbon steel with self-lubricating property of solid lubricants.
    1. DNB-#200F Flanged Bushes Please select an ideal part number of the mechanical bushing according to the inner diameter, outer diameter, and the length.
      For example, the ordering code of the flanged bushes is DNB-#200F-2030 under condition of 20mm inner diameter and 30mm length.
    1. DNB-#200P10 10mm Thick Wear PlateIts solid lubricant is evenly dispersed in an alloy layer, so it can form a solid lubricant film with low shear strength when it starts sliding. It can be firmly attached to the bearing surface without cracking even under ultra high static load.
    1. DNB-#200P20 20mm Thick Wear PlateIt combines the wear-resisting property of a metal substrate with the self-lubricating property of a solid lubricant. There is no need to refuel or maintain our product when in use.
    1. DNB-#200P5 5mm Thick Wear PlateOil lubrication is not needed by the abrasion resistant plate. This product is ideal for use in high-speed operations, and it can enormously reduce the drive power. It is a part of various engineering machines or general equipment.

SLiding bearing

Brief Introduction
The oilless self-lubricating bearing is a composite bearing that consists of steel backing and wear-resistant porous materials. The special wear-resistant layer is formed by sintering the copper alloy powder and graphite-based solid lubricant dispersed on a metal base at high temperature. It has gone through special oil-containing treatment.

A solid lubricant is uniformly distributed inside an alloy layer, so it can form a solid lubricant film at the beginning of sliding. With low shear strength, the film can be firmly adhered to the surface of the oilless self-lubricating bearing without cracking under ultra high static load. Therefore, the phenomenon of crawling will not occur under microscopic movement. The metal base provides ultra high mechanical strength and dimensional stability, so as to obtain distinguished friction and wear characteristics.

1. Uniform dispersion of solid lubricant allows the oilless self-lubricating bearing to be used under friction condition from any direction. Also, superb performance of fretting wear resistance is provided.
2. As a kind of engineering machinery bearing, this product can be used without oil.
3. High load, excellent wear resistance, and unexceptionable speed characteristic
4. We can supply standard goods and different specifications of plates used for secondary processing.

DERNORE is a veteran steel-backed bearing manufacturer. As the processing cost increasingly rises, each company is unceasingly reducing production cost so as to maximize the benefits.

Our company has developed the new kind of DNB-#200 oilless self-lubricating bearing to replace DNB-#50 traditional type. This new product can achieve the same wear-resisting property as that of DNB-#50 type. Also, it is resistant to dust, corrosion and impact. It performs well in various industries including the injection molding machines, tire moulds, and the engineering machinery (such as excavator, etc).

The DNB-#200 oilless self-lubricating bearing shows better lubricating property when compared to DNB-#50 type. Its entire surface is lubricated, so it is difficult to form oil film in the reciprocating motion, rocking motion, and the frequent start, etc. Its wear-resisting property is much better.

Test Data

Physical and Chemical Properties

Max. P Dry friction Dynamic load N/m·m² 24.5
Regular oiling /geschmiert 49
- Static load/slight movement 100
Max. V Dry friction m/s 0.5
Regular oiling/geschmiert 1
Max. Pv Dry friction N/mm²·m/s 1.63
Regular oiling/geschmiert 2.65
Service Temperature Range -40~+400
Hardness HB >45

Parts No.


  • Bridge
  • Sanitation Equipment
  • Petroleum Machinery
  • Mining Truck
  • Tire Mould
  • Hydraulic Metal Working
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Vehicle Axle