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Sales Case Studies

Case One: Cooperation with a Mould Guide Agent

1. The customer from Germany is a specialized mould guide agent. Ordinary production equipment fails to achieve the precision required by the customer with view to a high demand for the product quality plus the precision of guide rail, wear plate, and self-lubricating guide sleeve.

2. The customer came to visit our factory at the beginning of 2009. He took photos of our production equipment and clean workshop. After visiting our QC department, he was very satisfied with our 100% product inspection system and perfect product quality control system.

3. This customer placed a rush order on site. We finished the required product within one week, and then sent it to the customer. He was extremely satisfied with our product. Since 2009, he has never stopped cooperating with us.

Case Two: A Marine Equipment Supplier from Belgium

1. The customer from Belgium always focuses on high-quality plates which are used in marine equipment. After studying a drawing provided by the customer, we suggested him using water-lubricated graphite SL4 with view to water-soluble common solid lubricant.

2. The customer said we were very serious and professional. Then, he decided to place an order. We completed a sample after 10 days. The customer was very happy when receiving the sample and our test report. He judged that we were a trusted company through our credit information investigation and sample test report. We won the confidence of our customer with one small order after the other.

Other Customer Cases
1. In 2011, a customer from Malaysia started to cooperate with us. Since then, our order quantity has reached 1,000 bushes monthly.

2. In 2012, a customer from Turkey began to place an order after 6 months of negotiation and field research. Our yearly order quantity is thousands of bushes.

3. In 2010, a customer from Korea visited our company, and had a further understanding of our company scale, production process, and product trial. After that, he purchased our self-lubricating bearings.