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Home » Products » Composite Bearings » MP20 Composite Bearing (Steel Backed POM/PEEK Coated Bronze)

Composite Bearing (Steel Backed POM/PEEK Coated Bronze)

1. The MP20 composite bearing is constructed from steel backed POM/PEEK coated bronze. Its base plate is derived from premium low-carbon steel, and its middle part is sintered with a porous spherical copper powder layer. Surface of the compound bearing adopts wear-resistant lubricant that mainly consists of modified polyformaldehyde (POM) or polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK).

2. The oil holes on surface can not only store grease, but also effectively bury dust to extend the service life of the composite bearing. This product provides outstanding mechanical load-carrying capacity. Its copper powder layer can timely transfer heat produced in operation, while simultaneously increasing the binding strength of plastic layer and base plate.

3. The POM or PEEK-based surface is wear-resistant and applicable for grease lubrication condition. Oil holes which can store grease are regularly arranged on surface, so that the optimum lubricant distribution on the whole bearing surface can be guaranteed.

Application Characteristics
1. With superb load-carrying and wear-resisting properties, the composite bearing is particularly applicable to the heavy-load, low-speed rotational motion, rocking motion, and the parts where fluid lubrication is not easily caused under load.
2. This product can be used for a long time without refueling and maintenance under condition of boundary lubrication. Refueling allows the lifespan of the composite bearing to be extended.
3. No lead or other high-pollution chemical substances are found in the wear-resistant material, which is fully compliant with the RoHS standard.
4. A plastic layer on the surface of our product can leave a certain margin when a bush is machined. Automatic machining after punching is available so as to achieve better assembly dimensions.

Structural Style of Manufactured Goods
1. Standard structured products include the bushings, thrust washers, and the slide plates.
2. Other non-standard products can be made on basis of the drawings provided by clientele.

Product Size

Wide Applications
1. Automotive Industry

The bearing for automotive industry can be used in the pedal assembly, balance bush, brake caliper, kingpin bush, and the truck tailgate bush, etc.

2. Logistics Machinery
This product is ideal for use in the vans, vehicle-mounted cranes, forest machinery, packaging machinery, and more.

3. A bearing for the hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic components, and the farming machinery, among others

  • Port Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery