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    1. Self-Lubricating Plate for Tire MouldThe slide plate for radial tire mould is primarily constructed from high-quality carbon steel. It contains a certain amount of solid lubricant that can offer superb self-lubricating properties even in oilless environments.
    1. Self-Lubricating Plate for Radial Tire MouldAs a kind of tire mould accessory, this product contains self-lubricating bimetallic materials, thus offering outstanding lubrication performance.
      This kind of product is mostly applicable to segment moulds and radial tire moulds. It adopts powder forging technology with powder metallurgy moulds.
    1. Self-Lubricating Plate for Segment MouldThis kind of alloy steel plate is processed by plenty of equipment including the CNC grinder, miller, machining center, and the sintering furnace, among others.
      It is mainly used for radial tire moulds and segment moulds, etc.
    1. Sintered Plate for Punch PressThe sintered plate for punch press is manufactured from high-performance steel material with a CNC machine tool. As a kind of punching machine accessory, it has gone through a perfect heat treatment process, thus providing wear-resistant surface and high-toughness core.
    1. Self-Lubricating Plate for Construction Equipment Tire Mould As a solid-lubricated wearing plate, this product has numerous advantages such as high impact strength, low wear rate, strong carrying capacity, and high hardness, etc. Stable performance and long lifespan allow the tyre mould sliding plate to guarantee the precision of finished products.
    1. Toggle BushesMade from premium copper alloy, our product can effectively guarantee its performance. The use of high-precision CNC machining equipment ensures the precision of the copper alloy bushing.
      Batch production allows our product to be cost-effective. Welcome to buy the toggle bushes.
    1. Tie Bar BushesThus far, our product has been widely applied in injection molding machines and more. It is suitable for use at high temperature, high load, low speed and heavy duty, etc.
    1. Plastic Mold BushesAs one of the plastic mould components, this product features low friction, high load, high durability, and maintenance-free performance, which can guarantee the safety and long-term use of equipment.
    1. Guide Element for Auto Body Press Die The guide element is used for auto body press die. Both self-lubricating copper bush and self-lubricating guide plate function as the key components of the guide elements in vehicle moulds.
      Our company is able to produce DIN9834 guide sleeve and VDI 3357 slide plate.

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