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1. We do our best to protect global environment and build a beautiful home.

2. As a self-lubricating bearing manufacturer, we must take our social responsibility of protecting global environment in order to become an outstanding corporation. We are committed to the construction of a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, we insist on the concept of low carbon and energy conservation. A warehouse is established to recycle raw materials.

3. Our tenet is to create high-efficiency and self-lubricating bearings without oil, which can avoid waste oil recovery and also facilitate environmental protection. We persist in producing lead-free, mercury-free, cadmium-free, eco-friendly products in accordance with the RoHS Directive.

4. With the development of our company, we have reached a consensus to protect environment. We will sum up the past achievements and also learn the successful experience of other companies, so as to continuously perfect our corporate image. Additionally, we make positive response to realize sustainable development, and also make contributions to environmental protection.

5. Through unremitting efforts, our company has realized lead-free #80, MP10, and MP20.

Our company has successfully developed lead-free thermoplastic and composite bearings.