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Sales Solutions

Dernore Bearing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and marketing of sliding bearings. State-of-the-art facilities, complete equipment sets, and solid technical skills allow our company to stand out from the crowd. Thus far, we have built long-term, close, cooperative relationships with numerous well-known customers at home and abroad. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world. Our services have also won a high reputation from customers.

Client Type and Sales Strategy of Self-Lubricating Bearing

End-users include the mould factories, injection molding machine factories, engineering machinery manufacturers, and more.
1. We can work out any solution to meet the needs of customers for service conditions. We give priority to long-term customers in case of the new product experience, production and shipments. In addition, we offer different levels of discount in accordance with the order quantity, scale, and stability of clientele.

2. Our company provides professional technical support, and also traces the use of products. Our professional staff is responsible for providing purchasers with the method of product use and maintenance. The quality of our products is tracked for a long time, so customers can feel safe to buy our products.

3. We pay a visit to our customers so that we can learn their needs. Also, we can timely reply to any question raised by our clientele.

4. We offer free trials to some customers who purchase our bearings for the first time. We will receive the most intuitive evaluation of bearings from our clientele, and then help clients formulate the optimum solution.

Intermediate traders include retailers and agents.
1. We give agents different preferential policies in accordance with the reputation, cooperative attitude, solvency, the growth and profit record, the other product lines, and the number of years in business.

2. We give cash discount to distributors who give an early payment. Also, we promise to provide distributors with a guarantee in case of the poor quality or price decline of commodities.

3. The concession varies with the distributors in different regions. We adopt the concession, exclusive agent, and other methods to stabilize distributors.

4. We provide track management service in the whole process from a product of leaving factory to the destination. Although different distributors have distinct strength, they can share the same services offered by our company. We have built strategic partnership with distributors, allowing for resource complementarity and equal cooperation. We often check the inventory and sales status of distributors.

5. We will make an evaluation and incentives according to the average inventory level, delivery time, the completion of sales quotas, the disposal of damaged and lost goods, and the cooperative situation of sales promotion and training plan.

Major clients include large-scale companies or purchasers who demand for large quantities.
1. Preferential treatment is given in accordance with the integrity, purchased quantity, and the scale of customers. Also, we offer a solution to our self-lubricating bearings on basis of the competitiveness and development potential of customers in various industries.

2. Our company can provide a diverse range of customers with the most professional services. We try to collect and know essential information such as the needs of customers, the item/procurement schedule, budget, competition, strategic decision, and priority criteria, etc.

3. We give priority to supply goods to major clients, and also work out special reward policies.

4. Our after-sales services are improved to fully satisfy clientele. We carry out a customer satisfaction survey at regular intervals, and also solve any problem raised by customers in time.