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Production and Detection

1. Automatic Drilling Equipment
A numerically controlled drill press is used to replace a manually-operated ordinary drilling machine, which can effectively improve the stability and efficiency of drilling holes.

In addition, it significantly reduces a large number of defective goods caused by manual operation. Each operator can drill approximately 8,000 holes everyday with a common drill press. Now, an automatic drilling machine allows each one to drill about 50,000 holes everyday. Additionally, it allows everyone to operate 5 machines simultaneously. It increases precision of graphite holes, and also greatly reduces labor costs.

2. A machining center can replace a grinder to process a sliding plate. It can reduce the accumulative error of clamping times so as to reach high technical demands and surface roughness. Traditional companies adopt ordinary grinders to process goods. Some products need to be clamped 5 or 6 times. They fail to guarantee precision and tolerance. Also, they can not satisfy the requirements of high-end customers for the precision of product size.

In 2010, our company purchased several CNC machining centers in order to guarantee the improvement of both dimensional accuracy and rate of finished products. These centers allow bearings to be clamped for once, which can save much clamping time and also improve efficiency. A sliding plate can be machined by a grinder with the maximum precision of ±0.01mm and the scrap rate of 6%-7%.

Our company now adopts all new CNC machining centers, which allows the highest precision of end products to reach ±0.5. In the past, one finished bearing must be finished by 4 operators in the entire process. Now, it can be fully completed by only one operator, thus improving efficiency and also saving much production cost. At the same time, our customers can get more preferable price.

3. The adoption of CNC machine for one-off molding is very conducive to machining mould guide bushes which have a high demand for tolerance. An ordinary CNC lathe is only able to process single bearings, and the complicated bearings need to be clamped repeatedly. In most cases, the impact, scratches, rusting and other uncertainties may occur, when a product has gone through an entire production process. Also, the quality of a product fails to be guaranteed. The use of the latest CNC machine for one-off molding simplifies the production process, and also reduces the possibility of damage in the process. Hence, it can increase the yield of qualified end-products.

4. In 2012, our company purchased a CNC machine with the maximum turning diameter of 920mm which is specially designed for machining large-sized, non-standard bearings. Thus far, our company can deal with the maximum diameter of 850mm.

Processing this kind of products used to be completed all by large-sized ordinary lathes, which could not guarantee the accuracy of product size. Also, lots of manpower and material resources were wasted. At present, our large CNC lathe can not only ensure the precision of product size to satisfy customers, but also improve working efficiency and decrease the scrap rate.

5. Our conventional products are fully inspected in accordance with the ISO3547 standard.

6. After inspection, qualified products must be cleaned and packed. All products are wrapped in shockproof bubble bags separately, so as to avoid the occurrence of impact and other phenomenon during transportation.